We buy small profitable SaaS businesses

We help founders exit their current business to move on to other ventures. We take care of their customers like never before.

Our current portfolio:

WAMessages - bulk messaging for WhatsappRead receipts for Zendesk
Countdown timer for emailFree Add to Calendar button for your website

What we look for in SaaS businesses?

SaaS targeting mainly SMB customers or prosumers

Mostly organic growth

$200k - $800k ARR

Very profitable with 60%+ profit excluding founders' salaries

Positive & ethical team

Easy to maintain and stable codebase

Sounds like you?

We don't flip Companies. We improve the product, support your customers and build on top of it.

We typically work with companies in the following situations:

You built a Company or a side project, it grew, you built it further, and now growth is lesser and you have other projects. 

Perfect. We are happy to take over, support your customers, and grow from here.

New projects

You acquired a business or built something inside your startup, but it is not core. It is "working on autopilot today".

We are fine with this! We buy the asset, work with you on the transition, support your customers, and reinvigorate the product roadmap.

Divest a business you acquired

You built a business that is profitable and growing, but it won't be Google. Over time, one founder moved on while the other picked up the slack. Now is the time for this to stop, so that you both can move on.

We have done it. Your customers will be taken care of.

Founders want to go their separate ways

We think long term.

We are not optimizing for the quick flip. We want to add value and build for the long term for your customer base.

Where we are

Noosa Labs Inc - Miami, FL, USA
Noosa Labs SASU - Paris, France

Our team is remote spanning 4 countries and 3 continents.


pascal at noosalabs.com