Our Process

Our process is simple, friendly, and straightforward

Getting an LOI

After an initial discussion with Pascal, you will share your past financials and current Stripe/Profitwell access. If we are interested, we will send you an LOI within 10 days.

Due Diligence

Once the LOI is signed, we go through a deeper discussion on product, customer support, sales, and marketing opportunities, and go through technical due diligence. If everything checks out, we sign an Asset Purchase Agreement.


You interview the developer who is going to replace you so you have confidence your product is in good hands. Once accounts have been transitioned over, we go through technical and customer support deep dives. We then schedule weekly office hours for 3-6 months to ask support, sales and marketing, and technical questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ARR multiple do you pay?

Great question! This varies a lot depending on revenue retention/churn, existing growth, and product competition or platform risks.

Do you have preferred SaaS category?

So far, we have only purchased SaaS in the marketing lifecycle management space. But we are open to other categories like vertical SaaS, privacy and security, and productivity.

How long does the whole process take?

It depends! In general, you can expect an LOI in 10 business days after our first discussion. The due diligence typically takes a month including the contracting part. Transition is more lightweight for you but we tend to ask for a reasonable amount of time over 3-6 months.

What is your long term goal with my product?

Our goal is to never have to sell your product to another buyer. We would only do it if we had an offer we could not refuse or if we realized we made a mistake in the diligence process.
Our mission at Noosa Labs is to allow SMBs and prosumers to benefit from great tools to be able to compete in the marketplace - and they need tools that are maintained and evolving. It's natural for you to want to move on, we take it from where you left off.

Where we are

Noosa Labs Inc - Miami, FL, USA
Noosa Labs SASU - Paris, France

Our team is remote spanning 4 countries and 3 continents.


pascal at noosalabs.com