Pascal is the founder and CEO of Noosa Labs.

An entrepreneur at heart, he has co-founded multiple Companies including chatbot software leader VirtuOz (acquired by Nuance), SixDoors (failed), and Ottho, a profitable online education Company.

Pascal was the first executive hired at Checkr, a Silicon Valley "unicorn", where he led marketing and business development from 9 to 400 employees. 

He is also an angel investor in 120 startups with a combined market cap north of $30B. He is a venture partner at Long Journey Ventures

Pascal is passionate about entrepreneurship.

He currently lives in France with his family after 12 years in San Francisco.

Javier is a General Manager at Noosa Labs. He manages product, sales, and support for our current portfolio companies.

A native of Costa Rica, he currently lives in Cyprus after spending a few years in France for his MBA.

Aradelsy is a Product Manager at Noosa Labs. She manages products and support for a few of our portfolio companies.
A recent college graduate, she currently lives in Mexico.

Where we are

Noosa Labs Inc - Miami, FL, USA
Noosa Labs SASU - Paris, France

Our team is remote spanning 4 countries and 3 continents.


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